YouTube is the NewTube

27 Feb YouTube is the NewTube

YouTube compared to TV is WAY more targeted, WAY more effective, and for WAY less cost.

Here’s a quick look at YouTube by the numbers:

– founded by 3 guys in 2005

– bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion

– 2011 1 Trillion views

– 2013 2 Trillion views

It seems nowadays we’re all watching a lot of online video.

Advertising starts the conversation between you and your customer that will continue when they call you or walk in. But as Steve Wozniak said, “We used to ask a smart person a question. Now who do we ask? It starts with G-O, and it’s not God.”

And as the Wizard of Ads, Roy Williams says, “Your customers are gathering information through Google and YouTube. This means your website and your online videos are vital new half steps that fall between your advertising and your customer’s direct first contact with you. And you know I’m right, because you’re doing this too.”

When they land on your site, are they learning what they need to know about you? You should be crafting an informative answer to the question you believe your customer will ask and then posting that answer in a video on YouTube. Then embed it on your website. How many questions can you answer intelligently? That’s how many YouTube videos you need.

Entertainment value is measured by the number of views a video gets. Information value is measured by how well you anticipate and answer your customer’s not-yet-asked questions.

Like Steve Wozniak said, we no longer seek out expert opinions face-to-face, we seek them out face-to-computer-screen. Your web videos should be easy to find, easy to watch, and they should be all over the web.

YouTube is a great venue to house your web videos and make them more findable. But you can also use YouTube to play a ‘pre-roll’ commercial. A pre-roll campaign works brilliantly for smaller and medium-sized businesses for a number of reasons.

First, you can target the people who get to watch your video based on geographical location, sex and age.

Second, and this is a big one, if someone doesn’t watch the entire 30 seconds of your commercial, you pay nothing! Not a cent.

We recently ran a pre-roll campaign for a client over the Christmas period, from December 16 to January 8. The results, for the cost of the media buy, of less than $5,000, were outstanding.

* 419,270 people saw at least five seconds of the commercial (and the key message was contained in those five seconds)

* 143,454 people watched at least half of the commercial and 111,575 people watched at least 75%.

* But the client only paid for those people who elected to watch the commercial in its entirety – and that number was 64,942 at an average cost of less than eight cents per person.

You know how easy it is to not watch a commercial online – after five seconds most people click away so they can see that awesome cat video. Yet almost 65,000 people chose to watch the whole commercial, so they were clearly very interested in what the commercial was saying to them. This was a highly targeted group of people.

The campaign had yet another nice bonus – there were a further 11,000 full views of the commercial outside of the paid campaign – people were sharing the link with friends and colleagues via social networks and university forums. That’s 11,000 extra views completely free! You don’t get that with television.

Here at MJM, we produce videos that sell your products or services through emotional storyselling. We don’t tell your story, we sell it. And when you marry our powerful web videos to the power of YouTube, you’ll be watching your sales grow and grow.

Mike McCurlie
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