Inbound Marketing VS Traditional: Why would 3 of the world’s outbound champions switch?

06 Aug Inbound Marketing VS Traditional: Why would 3 of the world’s outbound champions switch?

Why did THREE world-class marketers once known for traditional strategies jump ship to inbound marketing?

As you know, of late I’ve been touting the benefits of inbound marketing over traditional, and that’s mainly because it’s sure been working for us here at MJM! So I can speak firsthand: these are exciting times, times of great opportunity for those who reframe the way they think about getting customers. This is Part Two in the 3 part series examining the concept of attraction marketing.

Simply because of the paradigm shift in the way all of us now make buying decisions (ie: by researching online blogs and reviews), there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we market to these buyers (ie: in the way we attract them where they’re making 90% of their buying decisions: online).

Although most small to medium businesses are yet unaware of this paradigm shift in purchasing, and hence, marketing, even many small to medium ad agencies are unaware of this game-changing shift.

Craig Davis is Chief Creative Officer of JWalter Thompson, the world’s 4th largest ad agency. He says:

“Audiences everywhere are tough. They don’t have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old-fashioned advertising. We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and BE what people are interested in.”

Or Jim Stengel , former Global Marketing Officer for Procter and Gamble says:

“What we really need is a mindset shift that will make us relevant to today’s consumers, a mindset shift from “telling and selling” to building relationships.”

Or the former Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s, Lawrence Light:

“It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many, in hopes of persuading the few.”

Mike McCurlie
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