Video Testimonial Campaigns to Garner Trust… Do They Work?

15 Apr Video Testimonial Campaigns to Garner Trust… Do They Work?

Last blog, we looked at the video testimonial campaign MJM produced for Eccles Auto Service, a small garage in Dundas. Three videos and a couple of TV commercials were created around how much customers trust this auto shop.

Is the campaign actually working? Let’s hear what the owner, Bruce Eccles, has to say about how this campaign affected his bottom line. We ask several key questions, starting with the difference between the new video testimonials compared to his old text testimonials. Check it out…

Bruce Eccles: “Well a lot of times if you’re gonna see one in print, you’ll read it but you probably won’t read the whole thing. I think a video you tend to watch, and I think they hit home hard. I mean it’s people using their own words and their own dialogue, and putting it the way they might explain it to a friend or whatever, kind of “word of mouth” on video!

The economy’s stable but not growing in my opinion at least from what I can see around me. And we saw an increase in our actual part sales of approximately 9% and our labour sales are also up about the same! So, YES we’ve seen some growth… I can’t honestly say whether it’s come from the commercials. But the combination of getting comments on a regular basis and sales being up, I don’t believe in coincidence; I believe it’s related.

Mike McCurlie
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