Compelling Video Starts With MJM


Looking for a video that really persuades your audience?

Press play.

You need a video that doesn’t just engage your audience, it converts them into believers.


That’s what we do at MJM Media: we’re storymakers who use video to draw viewers in on an emotional level. Without this right-brain engagement, changing the viewer into a loyal customer just won’t happen. Not to worry… conversion is what we’re all about here.

To learn how we build brands with amazing video, check this out:


Why choose MJM over other video production companies?

• You’ll increase revenue using our insights on marketing and persuasion

• You’ll engage your audience on an emotional level with an interesting script and compelling soundtrack

• You’ll love the way we work with you! With an impressive Toronto client roster, as well as smaller, more local businesses, we make the creative process easy

Other video companies shoot and edit. We approach your video project from a marketing perspective. Whether your company needs a video that builds your brand, a product video, service video, even video training, you need a video that engages the emotions.

Most video companies just don’t get the fundamental importance of compelling audio (script, voice and music score). Our team of award-winning audio producers and script writers means our videos engage the viewer’s emotions much more effectively than regular video productions.

Plus, we have a unique process that makes collaborating with you simple, from start to finish. Find out just how simple… drop us a line!