Three Fundamental Marketing Questions To Ask Of Your Company

04 Mar Three Fundamental Marketing Questions To Ask Of Your Company

The Three Fundamental Marketing Questions to Ask of Your Company

And let’s consider them in terms of our company and your company.

1. Is the company’s product searchable online?

With our company, until last year we didn’t think people were searching for our kind of product – video productions. Surely when people went looking for a video company, they just asked their friends and business associates. No one would ever think of searching for a video company online, right? Actually, no; we’ve discovered lately that’s not right.

Once we launched our new searchable website, we quickly learned there were lots of people searching for exactly what we did. And oddly enough, they made their decision to buy video productions the same way they made their decision to buy snow tires or just about anything… they research a number of sites online and then, usually based on viewing videos on their website, they narrow down the choices to the top 2 or 3.

We found, (as did the Forbes research team back in 2011), video is critical in converting tire-kickers into buyers… video converts almost three times more effectively than text and pictures.

2. Is your company findable (at the top of Google)?

We weren’t findable until a year or two ago. MJM wasn’t even on Google until we made a serious commitment to online video marketing.

Before that, you could only ‘find’ us if you searched specifically for “MJM Media”. But that’s not really searching, since you already know the answer! Easy enough for my mother to do, but what about someone in New York or BC? What if they were searching ‘video production’? Wouldn’t we want MJM to be at the top of the organic Google search? Go ahead, try it now for yourself! Search for us a few years ago, and we weren’t even there.

3. Does your website convert shoppers into customers?

Now, and on a daily basis, we’re getting leads generated through our online marketing efforts. Not only are these leads coming to us (rather than us calling on them), they’re coming to us as highly qualified leads. By the time they call, they’ve often already decided to work with us.

Your website should pre-sell your prospective customers. Some websites just list the various products and prices, but research says that’s not what people want to see. They want customer reviews, company stories, and anything that reveals the “heart” of the company, rather than the ‘brain’.

So, through online video marketing, let your customers sell your story. That’s proven to be much more effective at converting casual shoppers into committed company champions. In order to achieve conversion, you need emotional engagement in your brand. And nothing does that better than a video that’s well-written, well-shot, and well-remembered. Hey, that’s what we do… give us a call.


Mike McCurlie
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