Teresa Cascioli Teresa Cascioli (client since 2001): Teresa is the woman who bought Lakeport Breweries in 2001 when it was bankrupt, and sold it to Labatt 8 years later for $240 million. This woman really knows how to turn things around! She’s now the author of a children’s book, “M Is For Money”. Her go-to marketing company is none other than MJM.

Malcolm Stoffman (client since 2007): Malcolm is the CEO of Momentum Credit Union, and he’s reshaped the way a good credit union does business these days. Momentum’s roots go back 75 years, and when Malcolm took the helm, it seemed some of it’s original marketing strategies were still in place. He changed all that for the better.

P.J. Caletti (client since 2006): The general manager of two Toronto car dealerships, Erin Park Toyota and Erin Park Lexus, P.J. does his marketing much differently than other car dealerships. He’s doing it right by letting his happy customers tell the Erin Park story. And with a ‘DealerRater’ score of 4.7 out of 5, he has lots of happy customers!

John Verdon (client since 2003): John is now an independent ‘brand builder’. His colourful past includes VP of Marketing for Cara (Swiss Chalet, Harveys, EastSide Mario’s, etc.) Before that, he was instrumental in the ‘buckabeer’ marketing that made Lakeport Breweries the target of a Labatt’s buyout. Before that, he was senior marketer for Labatt and Molson.

Rob Hindley (client since 1985): We met Rob in the mid-Eighties when he began his career as Marketing Director for Pizza Pizza. He spent the Nineties as Marketing Director for CocaCola in Germany. Upon his return to Canada in 2001, he started his own broadcast/digital ad agency in Toronto called The Marketing Channel, bringing us clients like Corona and Cadbury.

Andrew Murie (client since 1993): As CEO of MADD Canada, Andy’s been leaning on MJM for various services for almost 20 years. Our biggest project of the year is always the MADD Assembly Movie, a video presentation created by MJM to show the dangers of drinking and driving to teens in all high schools across Canada. A different story is told each year in both English and French.

Bruce Eccles (client since 2011): For 35 years, Bruce has been building his auto repair business, Eccles Auto Service. It’s known as ‘the best little garage in Dundas’. As an independent auto shop, Bruce ‘owns’ the market due to his honest approach and down-to-earth manner. Eccles Auto Service is living proof that a small business can have a big presence.