How do you make a product sexy?

19 Jun How do you make a product sexy?

How do you make a product video sexy?

There is no doubting the rise in popularity of product videos – according to research, consumers love to watch them, they give consumers more confidence in the product and they really sell the product; people viewing product videos are far more likely to buy than those who don’t.

But how do you make a product video sexy? How do you make it jump out at the viewer and emotionally engage them? Especially if that particular product isn’t a sports car, a cool drink or a high tech gadget, how do you make it grab the viewer’s attention and, most importantly, get them to buy it?

This was our challenge when we met Burlington-based entrepreneur Al Martins, owner of Fence Armor, a product that protects fences from the ravages of weed whackers. Al invented Fence Armor when he realized that his over-zealous landscaper was destroying the bottom of his fence posts. This would ultimately cost Al a lot of money, while making his fence look crummy.

Recently, Canadian Tire began carrying Fence Armor and gave Al screen time to show a product video right next to where it was stocked.  Al also wanted to use it as a web video to attract customers and distributors alike.

The challenge for MJM Media was to make Al’s product jump out of the screen, grab shoppers’ attention and make them want to buy it. How could we make Fence Armor sexy?

Laurie McCurlie, MJM’s partner and producer, came up with a great creative idea – “The Duel”. We would pit the evil, destructive weed whacker against the good, saintly Fence Armor.

Shot in a Toronto studio with spot lighting and black background, the product video uses dramatic music to ramp up the suspense as the terrifying weed whacker mounts its attack on the poor, innocent wooden post, only to be thwarted at the last second by the heroic Fence Armor.

The commercial is at once fun, dramatic and engaging – you can see the result for yourself in the video above. A little creativity, imagination and a sense of humour can go a long way in promoting any product.

The product video is now being shown in select Canadian Tire stores as well as online. You can find out more about Fence Armor at

Mike McCurlie
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