Your Company’s Right Brain and Why It Should Rule Your Future

12 Sep Your Company’s Right Brain and Why It Should Rule Your Future

Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking all spoke about the evolutionary importance of adapting to change. Now, you can put Daniel Pink in that same lofty crowd. If you’re in business today, you should read his book, “A Whole New Mind – Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future”.

Like it or not, things have changed… again. There’s a global paradigm shift going on right before our eyes, and until I read this book, I was unaware of it. Pink explains it well, and his concept of the “whole new mind” will have resonance for both your business and your personal life. As a self-proclaimed left-brainer, Daniel Pink shares a mountain of research that shows the world economy is changing due to this new-found importance of right-brain thinking.

Through numbers and facts, he illustrates the three forces that have now tilted the scales from left to right: abundance, automation and Asia.

Abundance: Like Louis CK says, “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy”. It seems the more stuff we acquire, the more stuff we want. Forty years ago, there was no such thing as ‘self-storage’. Today, it’s an industry worth $17 billion, more than the motion picture industry. We have too much stuff…

Automation: Economies used to be built on routines and right answers. These days, we can get that info in seconds online. What matters now is novelty and nuance.

Asia: Want “good, quick and cheap”? Call India: the largest English-speaking country in the world, connected for free by video-phone, living on a quarter of what you and I make. Uh oh…

The author then points out the six corporate attributes that matter most in today’s economy:







For instance, “story” is key to business success because of the Internet. As the author points out: “What matters more in this world of ubiquitous, easily-discovered facts, is putting facts in context and delivering them with emotional impact. That’s what a story does. So you now see ‘story’ moving into a range of business functions: into knowledge management, into leadership, and into differentiation in the marketplace… It’s the backstory of products, services, and experiences that’s now a very important differentiator…”

You’d think the great scientist Albert Einstein would have been a total left-brainer, but you’d be wrong. In high school, he struggled with mathematics, and often called on his friend, Max Planck, to ‘do the math’. Einstein was a right –brainer for sure. He said, “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”.

If you’re a visual learner, download the book “A Whole New Mind”. If you’re an audio learner, watch this video. You’ll have a much clearer understanding of how this huge global shift from left to right will affect your business and your life.


Mike McCurlie
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