See sure fire radio results now with RELEVANCY  

14 Oct See sure fire radio results now with RELEVANCY  

Is your radio advertising relevant to the listener?

Your radio advertising is probably not relevant… at least not to everyone. Take a car dealership for example. According to Polk Research, only 6% of the general public will be buying a new car in the next 12 months. Yet car dealership spots are all over the airwaves. They’re actually one of the largest users of radio. They advertise nothing but price and deals. Yet deals are only relevant to people who are about to make one. For the other 94% of radio listeners, the ‘deal’ is irrelevant.

By always pushing on low price, you’re conditioning listeners to believe immediate sales are all that’s important to your dealership. Yet, it’s the very least important factor when deciding who to buy a car from. According to Polk, here are the four factors and their importance in the decision-making process:

  • The human relationship: do I like and trust these people? (60%)
  • The dealership: first impression: nice website / showroom? (20%)
  • The selection: do they have the car I want? (15%)
  • The price (5%)

So the vast majority of folks will believe your dealership is all about price; yet trust is 12 times more important to them when they finally do decide where to buy the car.

Instead of spending 100% of your radio ad budget trying to convince 6% of the listeners you have the lowest price right now, better to convince the 94% (who will eventually buy a car) that you’ve got the right people who develop great one-on-one relationships, you’ve got the right showroom/website and you’ve got the car they want. Then you’re targeting 94% of the listenership with 95% of the benefits most relevant to them! In a nutshell, make sure your message is relevant to your customer.

Mike McCurlie
  • Rosie Maxwell
    Posted at 22:24h, 04 January Reply

    …nice to have it laid out like this! Clients are sometimes so anxious to hear their message on-air that they overlook the needs of the prospects they’re trying to land! Thanks.

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