How Radio Makes Online Marketing More Effective

15 Sep How Radio Makes Online Marketing More Effective

In this world of online decision-making, is there any traditional advertising medium that still delivers results? Radio.

Lots of people spend time alone in their car for long periods, or alone at their desk at the office. And when they’re alone, most of those people listen to the radio, either while they’re driving, while they’re working, or both. They don’t read the newspaper while they’re driving; they don’t watch TV at work, but in both cases, they often do listen to the radio.

So if you’re doing a lot of online advertising and want to complement it with the most effective traditional medium, that would be radio. Radio advertising can be a great complement to online marketing and here’s why:
– radio is non-intrusive: you can listen as you drive, work, etc
– radio IS the original storytelling medium – look what happened when Orson Welles read “War of The Worlds”
– radio uses audio to get into the right brain then sell
– tv & print use visuals to try to sell the left brain, but fail
– radio is now… it reaches buyers in their moment of need
– radio is remembered: audio is retained longer than visuals, especially if there is an emotional attachment

Radio works when you work, and plays when you play, and because of that, it is holding it’s own. The “call-to-action” in your radio commercial should be to get listeners to visit to your website, where you have more than :30 seconds to engage and convert them with great content: videos, e-books, blogs, and so on. Nowadays, when most buying decisions are made online, a great radio campaign can deliver bottom-line results by sending listeners to the web and influencing their buying decision in a positive way.

Mike McCurlie
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