How Radio Impacts Buying Decisions

22 Sep How Radio Impacts Buying Decisions

A recent study from the research company Ipsos shows radio commercials have a positive impact at all stages of the purchase funnel. The approach compared results from people who had listened to at least one of the stations included in the campaign with a control group of people in the same markets who had not listened to those stations. Several brand metrics were included as well as questions that focused on the radio ads themselves. Here are three important findings from the study:

1. Great radio commercials can impact brands at all stages along the purchase funnel – from creating awareness through to recommending it to a friend. It’s a versatile tool that can accomplish a number of goals.


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2. Radio works across a variety of categories

Radio advertising campaigns for movies, financial services, retail, consumer durables and fast food have been evaluated so far, and every one showed stronger results among radio listeners than the control group of non-listeners. And this improvement was seen across all brand stages.

3. Radio ads need to work on an emotional level as well as rational

Ipsos uses proprietary software to measure the strength of the emotional response to each radio spot. The stronger campaigns used ads with greater emotional power. Since most buying decisions are made on an emotional level first, the more effective ads appealed to the emotions rather than the intellect.

Want to influence prospects to visit your website and ultimately buy into your company? Get on the radio! Whatever brand attributes you want to enhance, a great radio campaign could be just what you need to build a following of loyal customers.

Mike McCurlie
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