Mike McCurlie

President & Creative Director

Mike has always been a thinker of different thoughts, a traveller on the road less travelled. He had his first band in Grade 7.
After high school, he and Daniel “Dan” Lanois took their duo on the road. By the 80’s, Mike saw a clear need for better radio commercials, then
through the decades that followed, TV, video, and finally, online video marketing.
This is the guy who’s on top of the recent paradigm shift in marketing.
He knows the persuasive power of video and audio. Then he applies that kind of knowledge to today’s media to help companies see huge
and immediate growth.

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 22

Laurie McCurlie

Executive Producer & CEO

As a young woman in her twenties, Laurie was different. She lived in a treehouse, and played bass in a rock band touring Canada. Later, as a founding partner at MJM, she began her career as a true multi-tasker, juggling diaper changes with scriptwriting.

Evolving to become head of the creative department and producer extraordinaire, Laurie has helped build MJM into what it is today. She has the unique ability to think outside the box, while staying focused on results. Laurie’s a major reason why our productions always hit the mark… on creative, on budget, and on time. She’s a Scrabble whiz to boot.

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 35

Mike Alonzo

Composer & Audio Producer

When Mike was a kid, he said to his parents, “when I grow up, I want to be a musician”. They told him he couldn’t do both. Yet against all odds, it seems he has! Over the past two decades Mike has composed music for film, television & radio. With his passion for music and sound design, he’s great at knowing the musical mindset of your audience, and creating the right emotional atmosphere to get your message to really sink in. What did his parents know?

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 23

Marci McCurlie


Fresh out of college, Marci got right into the film production biz in Toronto, shooting dozens of “Movies of The Week” for Hallmark and Lifetime. She spent much of that time as senior producer (top dog) on set, “directing the director”, as well as the rest of the crew and talent. Here at MJM, she’s moved into a similar video production role, bringing her ‘big movie’ ideas and creative charm to our videos. And yes, her middle name is J.

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 25

Jane Rowan

Production Manager

All through the 90s, Jane was honing her skills in post-audio, music and production management at companies like McClear Pathé and Pirate Radio. She’s lived in the fast-paced, ‘madmen’ ad agency world, so she’s an ace at taking all your chaotic details and wrapping them up in a nice little bundle. Whether it’s a quick quote, talent casting, song licensing, ad clearance or getting you what you need yesterday, she says: bring it on!

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 29

Bill Crocker

Senior Editor

Patient, organized, and able to “hang an all-nighter”, Bill is the perfect editor. That’s why he’s been “editor-in-chief” here at MJM since the early days. In that time, he’s cut everything imaginable, adding his own creative flair to really bring a project to life. Being a great editor means being a great team player. Bill works closely with our producers and you the client to make sure we’re delivering your message in a meaningful and interesting way.

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 30

Terry Kalapacz

Producer & Editor

The newest addition to the MJM team, Terry comes to us via the road less traveled and is an expert in corporate communications and short-format. Terry’s steadfast belief that “each and every genre can be impactful in the right hands” has been instrumental in developing key messages from script to reality for over a decade. His dedication to delivering beyond client expectations will likely result in cardiac arrest, but in the meantime – who needs some help?

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 24

Kara McCurlie

Office Manager

Kara was born and raised at MJM. She started working part-time at the age of 4, which makes her the oldest employee even though she’s youngest. After a hard morning in kindergarten, she’d get locked inside the vocal booth where she was forced to read commercials for shopping malls. Somehow, this led to an obsession (and a degree) in film, which then led back to MJM. Bottom line: she’s really good at helping people, and she’ll make sure your experience here is great.

  • Tel: 905.529.9901 Ext. 21