Radio Commmercials For Spas

Radio Commmercials For Spas

Trying to build a larger client base for your spa, skin, or surgery clinic? Here’s why you need engaging radio ads using an unforgettable jingle and compelling commercials that resonate with your target market!]

When it comes to marketing health spas, skin clinics, or cosmetic surgery offices these days, the competition is everywhere, margins are slim, and prospective clients are well-informed. Furthermore, research proves you must gain the prospect’s trust before they’ll even consider your company.

Simply put, we ensure your marketing converts more prospects into clients before you even meet! Then we help you keep those clients long-term, building recurring revenue for your spa or clinic.


As new-age marketers, we help to seriously grow the business of our clients: one increased sales 9% last year; another’s web visits shot up 500%

after one week of radio; still another landed a $300,000+ corporate deal. We also help build strong loyalty, increasing both repeat revenue and word-of-mouth referrals for you and your team of clinicians.


We combine broadcast and online marketing by bringing together the two strongest mediums today: radio and digital. Rather than fast-talking, feature-based radio commercials, we engage the listener with company or client stories that really resonate. We usually include a company theme song, or jingle, to increase long-term memory. With radio advertising campaigns that are very different than what you’re doing now, we drive new prospects to your site. There, they’ll see unique enhancements that are proven to persuade them your spa, salon, skin clinic or medical office is their best choice.


Check out these radio commercials and jingles we’ve produced for companies like yours from Toronto to Windsor to Hamilton to Sudbury. If it sounds like we can help, just fill out our contact form. Then we can talk about how our unique strategy can be applied to the advertising for your spa or clinic.

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