Radio Commmercials For Not For Profit


Are you struggling to attract more believers to your cause? Most ‘not-for-profit’ companies we work with find radio their most cost-effective medium. Radio can be hugely successful in building followers, but only if it’s done right! Here’s why you need compelling radio advertising using a memorable jingle and engaging commercials that are relevant to your target market!

These days, marketing your not for profit organization is harder than ever:

  • there’s lots of competition for the same dollars
  • there’s a limited budget
  • your patrons are well-informed with lots of options


Furthermore, research proves you must gain the trust of a person before they’ll even consider signing on with or donating to your organization. Simply put, we ensure your marketing converts more lookers into believers right on your website! And we help you keep them long-term, building on your recurring revenue model.


We love to help companies like yours grow: one of our clients increased revenue by 9% last year; another’s web hits grew by 500% after just a week of radio. Our creative approach can also help build strong loyalty, increasing both repeat revenue and social media referrals for your organization.


We combine broadcast and online marketing by bringing together the two strongest mediums today: radio and digital. Rather than fast-talking, feature-based radio ads, we engage the listener with stories that really resonate with your target market. Knowing the powerful emotional appeal of music, we often include a corporate theme song, or jingle, to increase long-term memory retention and deeper engagement. With radio campaigns that are very different than what you’re doing now, we drive listeners to your site and encourage them to get involved.


Listen to these radio commercials and jingles we’ve done for not-for-profit issues locally and across the country. If it sounds like we can help, just fill out our contact form or give us a shout!


“MJM we now think of as part of the MADD family… it’s not just a company we hire to do a specific project… and there’s nothing that we ask that isn’t done. It’s a great partnership.” Andrew Murie, CEO MADD Canada, Toronto.

Andrew Murie (client since 1993): As CEO of MADD Canada, Andy’s been leaning on MJM for various services for almost 20 years. Our biggest project of the year is always the MADD Assembly Movie, a video presentation created by MJM to show the dangers of drinking and driving to teens in all high schools across Canada. A different story is told each year in both English and French. – See more at:

We’ve had a series of jingles and voiceovers produced by MJM Media over the years and they’re always just what we need…” Sylvie Lord, Northgate Shopping Centre, North Bay

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