Radio Commercials For Casinos

Radio Commercials for Casinos

Trying to get more players to come to your casino? Here’s why you need engaging radio ads using an unforgettable jingle and compelling comercials that resonate with your target market!


Of course, retargeting your existing customers is one thing… but how do you bring new customers to the table? Great radio! Proven to be more cost-effective than TV and direct mail, radio is your best source of new players.


To start, your radio commercials need to stand out. Even more important, they need to be remembered! Chances are when a listener hears your spot, they’re not in the casino mood. So your spots need to stick… long-term.


That’s where we come in! We use a number of audio tools… humour, voice acting, a jingle… whatever we can do to make sure the spot is tattooed on the listener’s brain.


A jingle could be important, since they’re proven to be remembered five times more easily and much longer than the spoken word. When people are in the mood to get out and party at a casino, you want yours to be remembered!


With radio campaigns that are very different than what you’re doing now, your spots stick with the listener as they make decisions about going out to have fun. We create awareness… we encourage trial… we build ongoing loyalty to your casino!


Listen to the radio commercials and jingles we’ve done for casinos from Toronto to Windsor to Hamilton to Sudbury.. If it sounds like we can help, just fill out our contact form. Then we can talk about how our unique strategy can be applied to your casino. Thanks!


“MJM Media has done a great job creating fast-paced, exciting radio spots every month for Great Blue Heron Casino. Their turnaround is super-fast, and they’re always eager to please. If your radio isn’t working at full capacity, I recommend giving MJM a call!” Perry Steiner, Great Blue Heron Casino, Port Perry


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