Radio Commercials For Car Dealers

Radio Commercials for car dealers

Like every car dealership, you’d like to get more car buyers through your door. That’s where a compelling advertising campaign comes in… using an unforgettable jingle and radio commercials your listener can relate to.


If you’re selling cars these days, you know there’s lots of competition, margins aren’t what they used to be, and car buyers come in armed with research. In order to prosper, you need a unique approach to radio advertising that differentiates your dealership from all others.


Kind of like MJM… we do things differently here. And we have the results to prove how we’ve grown our clients’ business: one increased sales 9% within a year; another’s web hits skyrocketed 500% after just a week on radio; still another brought in a single quarter million dollar deal… talk about a return on investment!


We bring together your broadcast and online marketing with the two strongest mediums today: radio and online. Instead of typical smooth-talking, price-based radio commercials, we hit your listener with dealership stories relevant to them, and a jingle that increases the long-term retention of your brand by five times. The radio campaigns we produce are quite different than what you’re doing now, and will drive new customers to your website. There, they’ll see unique enhancements designed to persuade them your dealership is their only choice.


Our demo showcases radio commercials and jingles for car dealers in Toronto and across the country. If your dealership could use a serious boost in advertising results, give us a call and let’s chat. Thanks!

P.J. Caletti (client since 2006): The general manager of two Toronto car dealerships, Erin Park Toyota and Erin Park Lexus, P.J. does his marketing much differently than other car dealerships. He’s doing it right by letting his happy customers tell the Erin Park story. And with a ‘DealerRater’ score of 4.7 out of 5, he has lots of happy customers!

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