Radio Commercials for Law Firms

Radio Commercials for Law Firms

Want to build a larger client base for your law firm? Here’s why you need compelling radio ads using an unforgettable jingle and stand-out spots that are relevant to your target market!


When it comes to marketing law offices these days, the competition is everywhere, margins are slim, and prospective clients are well-informed. Furthermore, research proves you must gain the prospect’s trust before they’ll even consider signing on with your firm. Simply put, we ensure your marketing converts more prospects into clients before you even meet! Then we help you keep those clients long-term, building recurring revenue for your law office.


As new-age marketers, we help to seriously grow the business of our clients: one increased sales 9% last year; another’s web visits shot up from 500% after one week of radio; still another landed a huge corporate client. We also help build strong customer loyalty, increasing both repeat revenue and word-of-mouth referrals for the lawyers in your office.


We combine broadcast and online marketing by bringing together the two strongest mediums today: radio and digital. Rather than fast-talking, price-oriented radio commercials, we engage the listener with either lawyer or client stories that resonate with them. With radio campaigns that are quite different than what you’re doing now, we drive new clients to your site. There, they’ll see unique enhancements that are proven to persuade them that your law office is their only choice.


Listen to these radio commercials and jingles we’ve done for lawyers from Toronto to Windsor to Hamilton to Sudbury,. If it sounds like we can help, just fill out our contact form. Then we can talk about how our unique strategy can be applied to your law practice. Thanks!

“MJM has done a spectacular job of differentiating us from the rest. Their creative thinking has increased our market share by really setting us apart from competing firms.” Mark Tamminga, Partner, Gowlings, Toronto.


Mark Tamminga (client since 2013): Mark holds an extremely important position at GowlingWLG, the international law firm. He’s a partner, but more importantly, his title is “Leader of Innovation Initiatives”. In other words, he’s an agent of change, developing new ways for their law firm to serve it’s clients better. A big part of that change is utilizing video to communicate their message more effectively.

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