Radio Commercials For Dentists

Radio Commercials For Dentists

Trying to grow the list of patients in your dental office? You need a compelling radio campaign with a catchy jingle and stand-out commercials! Here’s why:

Simply put, we build a marketing program that converts more people into clients. Then we help you keep those clients long-term, building recurring revenue for your office and team of dentists. After all, folks have lots of dental offices to choose from, your operating costs are going up, plus prospective new patients are now well-informed about their choices.

We understand that. As modern marketers, we’ve helped increase our clients’ customer base and revenue; for instance, one built gross revenues by 9% last year; another’s web visits increased from 200 to 1200 after a single week of radio. We also help strengthen your ‘patient loyalty’, building recurring revenue and word-of-mouth recommendations for your dental practice and the dentists on your team.

Today, the two most cost-efficient advertising channels are radio and online. We combine the two in a unique way that gets results, using storytelling techniques to drive prospects to your website. Our radio spots don’t sound like radio spots. They engage the listener with dentist or patient stories that resonate with them. We typically introduce a jingle to ensure long-term retention of the name of your practice. Once they’re on your site, we continue the process with techniques proven to convince them your dental office is their best choice.

Simply put, our radio advertising campaigns are very different fron what you’re doing now. Ours will drive prospective new patients to your site.

Have a listen to the radio ads and jingles we’ve done for dentists in Toronto and all around. We’d love to help build your practice; to get started, just fill out our contact form. Then let’s talk about how our proven approach to marketing applies to your dental office. Thanks!