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Jingles 2015

If we’ve learned one thing in 35 years or so of creating jingles, it’s that they can actually make you do something, like tap your toes, or sing along… even get you dancing. On an emotional level, a good jingle gets you involved. At MJM, we believe music moves people..


Here’s what scientists believe: a jingle (lyrics set to music) is remembered much longer than mere spoken words. Moreover, it’s stored as emotional memory, which means folks will feel a good vibe when they recall the jingle.


A great jingle:

• should support the emotion of your brand

• bring consistency to all your radio commercials

• is proprietary – it’s your song; your story in a few short words


Over the years, we’ve helped lots of small companies grow into big companies with branded music: Pizza Pizza had just a few locations when we started producing all of their radio ads. Sleeman wasn’t even brewing yet when we created their unique “bottle music”.


We compose jingles that build brands, because we believe in harnessing the power of music to motivate people.

commercials 2015

Here at MJM, we pride ourselves in making radio ads that don’t sound like radio ads. We like to “surprise the mind”, we like to play with emotions, and talk about what’s in it for the listener.


Our commercial production is different than the rest. Ours wins lots of awards, and more importantly, builds brands. Often, we like to tell stories about companies. We don’t like to tell folks too much about what your company does; we like to tell them why you do it. Works for companies like Apple and Starbucks.


And our radio commercials don’t just mention a ‘call-to-action’, we give people a damn good reason to take action, and we make sure it’s just ONE action! Once thing about radio copy, (same as with most other copy), less is more; or in Mark Twain’s words, “I would’ve written a shorter piece, but I didn’t have time”. We’re big on little here…


From Toronto to Timmins, Terrace to Truro, we’ve worked with clients big and small, B2C and B2B, not-for-profit and lots-of-profit, our scripts have helped to grow companies of all kinds. Can we help you?