Using Phone Numbers In Radio Spots: why you should NOT!

07 May Using Phone Numbers In Radio Spots: why you should NOT!

Why You Should Never Use Phone Numbers In Radio Commercials

Saying your phone number in radio commercials is a bad idea on several levels. First, it won’t be remembered by anyone. Second, it confuses the real call-to-action, which should be to your website. Third, it wastes about 15% of your broadcast budget. Your website is your new store, so attract people by giving them a great reason to visit. “Call us at 905 529 9901. That’s 905 529 9901.” That’s how so many radio commercials end. Yet it’s a proven fact, people DON’Tremember phone numbers in radio spots. Why? Because it’s so left brain. The numbers go in your ear, then disappear. The call to action should be to your website. People aren’t going to call you before they check out your site. That’s another known fact. So don’t put your phone number in your radio spots… it’s a waste of precious seconds and it just confuses your prospect’s decision-making process Having said that, we’re famous for one phone number: 967 11 11. And that one works because we SINGit. And singing a phone number is 96 times more memorable than speaking it. Not only that, when we made those radio commercials for Pizza Pizza, the one and only focus we had in the scripts was REMEMBERING THE NUMBER. Michael Overs, Founder of Pizza Pizza, told me right from day one, the only thing he wanted listeners to remember was the phone number. But unless you’re selling pizza by phone, don’t go down that road! Because nowadays, people WILL go to your website before they phone, email, or visit your store in person. Your website IS your new store, so get them to your website first.

Now… can you remember that phone number I mentioned a minute ago?

Mike McCurlie
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