How to Improve Your Radio Advertising With a Jingle   

04 Dec How to Improve Your Radio Advertising With a Jingle   


Some people discount the use of a jingle in radio commercials, thinking it’s a cutesy little advertising technique with no real purpose. Some think their use is ‘old fashioned’ or frivolous. Here’s why those people are wrong.

Radio ads are fleeting, they’re ‘in the moment’. You hear the spot, and moments later, it’s gone from your memory… unless you’re in the “moment of need”, when you definitely need that product or service… then you might remember it.

But if your moment of need doesn’t coincide with the moment the spot airs, research says you’ll forget it. It could be a great commercial, with a fabulous offer, but if you’re not ready to buy, that ad is irrelevant. And because your brain knows it’s irrelevant, it stores it in a different place that the relevant thoughts you know you must remember. It basically sends this ad to your brain’s trash can.

Maybe next week or next month you’ll be ready to buy, but here’s the problem: your mind won’t remember that great commercial and who it was for, because it was ‘deleted’ long ago.

On the other hand, people do remember songs and lyrics… they don’t remember the spoken word. Most of us walk around singing songs; sometimes we even hum jingles. No one walks around reciting poetry, famous speeches, or what the DJ said on the radio just minutes earlier.

Yet research says, compared to the spoken word, people remember lyrics FIVE times longer and they’re much more easily recalled! Think of all the songs you can sing along with. On the other hand, do you remember the next line of Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have a Dream”? I don’t.

If you need your radio spots to be remembered long-term, you definitely need a jingle. It’s proven, listeners will forget the actual verbiage of your radio commercial; but at the very least, they will remember your name and slogan. And that’s because they were sung, and the brain stored them in it’s emotional memory, ready to be recalled much later in your moment of need.

The other huge reason for using a jingle in your commercials is to let the music support the emotion your copy is trying to convey. If you’re in a ‘trust’ industry (law firms, car dealerships, homebuilders), you want music that conveys that emotion. On the other hand, if you’re in an industry where the main emotion is excitement and fun (casinos, fashion, beer), your music should be upbeat and exciting. Your jingle should reinforce the emotion you want to project.

Remember… effective radio is all about remembering. The #1 goal in your radio ads should be to get listeners to remember your name and slogan long-term, and on an emotional level. And that’s most effectively accomplished through using a jingle! Get yours today.



Mike McCurlie
  • James Smith
    Posted at 15:49h, 04 January Reply

    Fantastic blog!!! Thanks for sharing this. Jingles are crucial, now I can see why.

  • Sheri Sullan
    Posted at 15:51h, 04 January Reply

    I find nothing stands out like a jingle. This is great! Thanks, Mike

  • Mark Baker
    Posted at 18:34h, 13 January Reply

    Jingles definitely stay with you! Great way to get people to remember you.

  • Marci Jay
    Posted at 16:13h, 20 January Reply

    Hi, thanks for posting this blog. It really makes so much sense and hits home. I can remember all kinds of different songs, but I can’t remember spoken word if my life depended on it. Music is a crucial component to remember which explains why jingles are so effective. Looking forward to your next blog! Thanks, Mike.

  • John Perras
    Posted at 15:08h, 16 February Reply

    Great Blog Mike,

    I am a huge fan of jingles and Sleep Country is a great example of it’s use. They came to town and the department stores had all the bedding business. Using primarily radio at first used a catchy little jingle and voila instant market domination. Pretty cool huh,


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