How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand

12 Jan How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand

Do you know the meaning of the acronym: YOLO? It means: You Only Live Once!

As a generation, what makes Gen Y different? Two major influences are:
– the economy: regular milestones (like marriage, home, and family) just aren’t as feasible due to the recession and sketchy economy
– the internet: Google offers so much choice and many options for everything. It provides instant answers, and infinite paths to our goals

So how do you get Millennials to like your brand? Treat them the way they want to be treated and talk to them in their own language. “Like, awesome!” So here are a few guidelines:

1. Let’s be friends: Gen Y wants to feel a human bond with a brand. They want authenticity, transparency, and a personal connection.

2. Don’t sell me, romance me: Millennials hate being ‘sold’ to… they dislike old-school, hard-sell commercials that are obviously trying to hammer the brand into their heads with a lot of hype. Don’t try too hard or be too obvious.

3. Don’t give them information they can find on google in :10 seconds: They love to search things like addresses and phone numbers, so don’t insult them by giving those in your ads. Millennials love the feeling of ‘discovery’, so don’t spill your candy in the lobby. Give just enough information to pique curiosity and make them want to dig deeper.

4. Be socially conscious: Millennials are concerned about the state of the planet and they want to know you are too. Tell them what you do to make this country a better place to live. They want to know what you stand for and why your company is in business.

5. Show them great design: the look and functionality of your product, your social pages, your website should be simple and modern. No websites from 2012 please. And no stock photos of good looking people who don’t work for you. That’s deceptive.
6. Post great content they want to share: Gen Y loves to share neat videos, podcasts, and yes, even cool commercials. If you’re creating something for them, ask yourself the question: is this something a 30 year old would want to send her friends?

Well, that’s half the story, and all the time we have for today’s video blog! Tune in next time to get the rest of the story!

Mike McCurlie
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