Tim Hortons’s “Coldstone Creamery”: creating the jingle and radio spots

04 Sep Tim Hortons’s “Coldstone Creamery”: creating the jingle and radio spots


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Especially when that ice cream brand is owned here by Tim Horton’s! So when Coldstone Creamery needed a jingle (and several radio commercials) to launch the brand in Canada, they called MJM Media. Or more specifically, they called their agency, As You Like It Marketing, who then called us!

Of course, the basis of a great launch campaign is making sure you connect with the audience on an emotional level. You know that’s MJM’s strong point, and the best way to achieve that emotional connection is through music! The feeling we were going after was “warm and friendly”. So we composed it with only warm, natural instruments in mind, like acoustic guitar and ukelele.

To help create that warm and fuzzy feeling, we wanted to come up with a slogan that used a simple rhyme within only a few words, since rhymes are much easier to remember. So the last word of the slogan had to rhyme with “Creamery”. Look that up in a rhyming dictionary!

That’s what we did, but we found nothing. Luckily, the launch included several new products, including the “Oh So Dreamy” ice cream bar. Although ‘dreamy’ isn’t an exact rhyme, it’s close enough for advertising! So we ‘borrowed’ that phrase and set it to a simple 4 note melody.

Then we called in a great little singer named Melissa Bell, who has the warmest, friendliest voice we know of all our jingle singers. You can hear it in her voice.

Next, we wrote and produced several radio commercials for Coldstone Creamery, one of which is included here. But we’re also putting up the jingle alone, with no voiceover, so you can hear the music on it’s own. Give it a good listen and let us know whether or not you think it’s “warm and friendly”!



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