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08 Jun How to Create a Killer Jingle for a Weird TV Show

Before YouTube, there was television. Way back in 2008, the TV show, “MTV Live” won the Gemini Award for “Best Talk Series”. In 2009, the show featured an interview with me, who the host calls “The King of Jingles”. During the segment, Paul “The Intern” Lemieux asks me to write a jingle for “MTV Live” on the spot! This 2...

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12 Feb How To Get Millennials To Like Your Brand Part 2 In the last blog about getting Gen Y to like your brand, we discussed 6 key elements: 1. Let’s be friends 2. Don’t sell me, romance me 3. Don’t give me info I can easily search online 4. Be socially conscious 5. Show great design 6. Post shareable content Let’s continue… 7. Relevant content only please: no need to talk about retirement or long-term life goals… With Millennials,...

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How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand01 THUMBNAIL

12 Jan How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand Do you know the meaning of the acronym: YOLO? It means: You Only Live Once! As a generation, what makes Gen Y different? Two major influences are: - the economy: regular milestones (like marriage, home, and family) just aren’t as feasible due to the recession and sketchy economy - the internet: Google offers so much choice and many options for everything. It provides...

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04 Dec How to Improve Your Radio Advertising With a Jingle   Some people discount the use of a jingle in radio commercials, thinking it’s a cutesy little advertising technique with no real purpose. Some think their use is ‘old fashioned’ or frivolous. Here’s why those people are wrong. Radio ads are fleeting, they’re ‘in the moment’. You hear the spot, and moments later, it’s gone from your memory...

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14 Oct See sure fire radio results now with RELEVANCY  

[embed][/embed] Is your radio advertising relevant to the listener? Your radio advertising is probably not relevant… at least not to everyone. Take a car dealership for example. According to Polk Research, only 6% of the general public will be buying a new car in the next 12 months. Yet car dealership spots are all over the airwaves. They’re actually one of the...

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20 Aug Using Only Radio to Build Your Brand

Great radio advertising is the most cost-effective way to get your message out to the masses. I often cite several examples of clients who initially built their brands using radio exclusively, with no other type of advertising. Brands like Pizza Pizza and Sleeman avoided print & TV, and just used radio to grow their brand and their market share. So I...

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How to Use Radio to Market to Millennials

30 Jul How to Make a Radio Commercial that Appeals to Millennials (Gen Y)

[embed][/embed]   So, who listens to more radio: Boomers, Gen X, or Gen Y, also known as millennials?   According to Nielsen’s “Audio Today Report” of March 2015, millennials hold the majority when it comes to the number of radio listeners by generation. Here are the recent stats: 91% of all millennials are reached weekly by radio they spend 11 hours 26 minutes each week with...

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04 Jun How to Make a Great Radio Commercial: 20 FAQs

  [embed][/embed] Here at MJM in the last 30 years or so, we’ve created a lot of radio commercials, for local businesses in Toronto and southern Ontario, and larger national companies. I like to think most of them were effective, and I know a few that weren’t. From all this experience in creating and producing radio ads, I’ve come up with a...

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29 Apr 16 Ways to Develop Long-Term Radio Clients

Sure, you’re constantly trying to find new radio advertisers. But you’re also aware that it’s often easier and much more profitable to go after more ‘recurring revenue’ from your existing clients. And that’s only possible if radio is doing a really great job for them. This new eBook will help you get more from your existing clients, because it’ll help them...

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30 Mar The TOP 10 Toronto Radio Jingles of All Time

Top 10 Toronto Radio Jingles of All Time! Let me redirect you to another blog, Toronto’s own…! My friend, Ed Conroy, just put together a fabulous collection of Toronto’s best jingles of the past. He’s got a great ear for the good stuff, and you’ll find his commentary quite interesting too. Of course, there are several MJM jingles in there,...

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Measuring Radio Effectiveness

02 Oct How to measure the effectiveness of a radio campaign A radio sales rep asked me the other day to blog about measuring the effectiveness of radio advertising campaigns. Did I know of any great ways? Of course, there are a number of ways it can be done, some fairly involved. But here’s a simple one that works: tie your radio commercials to your website; then use GoogleMetrics to monitor your...

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Purchase Impact Final_00000

22 Sep How Radio Impacts Buying Decisions A recent study from the research company Ipsos shows radio commercials have a positive impact at all stages of the purchase funnel. The approach compared results from people who had listened to at least one of the stations included in the campaign with a control group of people in the same markets who had not listened to those stations. Several brand...

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27 How radio makes online marketing more effective

15 Sep How Radio Makes Online Marketing More Effective In this world of online decision-making, is there any traditional advertising medium that still delivers results? Radio. Lots of people spend time alone in their car for long periods, or alone at their desk at the office. And when they’re alone, most of those people listen to the radio, either while they’re driving, while they’re working, or both. They don’t read...

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22 May Why Radio is the New TV According to statistics from Neilsen, “TV audience ratings have collapsed”. Business Insider says, “TV viewership has been in steady decline since September 2011.” Yet according to stats from the CRTC, radio listenership is holding its own: the average Canadian still spends 17.5 hours a week listening to radio. And most of that listening is in the car or while surfing...

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04 Sep Tim Hortons’s “Coldstone Creamery”: creating the jingle and radio spots

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Especially when that ice cream brand is owned here by Tim Horton’s! So when Coldstone Creamery needed a jingle (and several radio commercials) to launch the brand in Canada, they called MJM Media. Or more specifically, they called their agency, As You Like It Marketing, who then called us! Of course,...

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3. Using Phone Numbers in Radio Spots- why you should NOT!

07 May Using Phone Numbers In Radio Spots: why you should NOT! Why You Should Never Use Phone Numbers In Radio Commercials Saying your phone number in radio commercials is a bad idea on several levels. First, it won’t be remembered by anyone. Second, it confuses the real call-to-action, which should be to your website. Third, it wastes about 15% of your broadcast budget. Your website is your new store, so attract people...

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