Car dealers and mechanics: who can you trust?

10 Mar Car dealers and mechanics: who can you trust?

Do you trust your car dealership and mechanic? Face it, they’re at the bottom of the ‘trustability’ list, just above lawyers. We all wish we had a repair shop we could trust. Well, relax… there is one out there: they’re called Eccles Auto Service. That’s who I trust, since I’ve known Bruce Eccles most of my life.

But here’s why everyone else who knows Eccles trusts them: their video productions! MJM created 3 short videos and TV spots for them. Since the video marketing campaign began two years ago, they’ve been getting way more web hits, folks are staying on their site much longer, and they’ve just had their best year ever!

Just watch the following two minute video and when it’s over, ask yourself one question: do I trust these guys? Then stay tuned for my next blog when we’ll interview Bruce Eccles and get his take on the success of the campaign.

Mike McCurlie
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