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08 Jun How to Create a Killer Jingle for a Weird TV Show

Before YouTube, there was television. Way back in 2008, the TV show, “MTV Live” won the Gemini Award for “Best Talk Series”. In 2009, the show featured an interview with me, who the host calls “The King of Jingles”. During the segment, Paul “The Intern” Lemieux asks me to write a jingle for “MTV Live” on the spot! This 2...

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27 Apr Truth in Advertising: Does It Really Matter?

[embed][/embed] I’ve blogged several times about the importance of authenticity in marketing your brand. Of course, not all brands need to be authentic and trustworthy. Less expensive retail items like jeans or pop don’t require a big story. Typically, bigger ticket items do. For instance, when you need a lawyer, you want someone you can count on. When you buy a...

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12 Feb How To Get Millennials To Like Your Brand Part 2 In the last blog about getting Gen Y to like your brand, we discussed 6 key elements: 1. Let’s be friends 2. Don’t sell me, romance me 3. Don’t give me info I can easily search online 4. Be socially conscious 5. Show great design 6. Post shareable content Let’s continue… 7. Relevant content only please: no need to talk about retirement or long-term life goals… With Millennials,...

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How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand01 THUMBNAIL

12 Jan How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand Do you know the meaning of the acronym: YOLO? It means: You Only Live Once! As a generation, what makes Gen Y different? Two major influences are: - the economy: regular milestones (like marriage, home, and family) just aren’t as feasible due to the recession and sketchy economy - the internet: Google offers so much choice and many options for everything. It provides...

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04 Dec How to Improve Your Radio Advertising With a Jingle   Some people discount the use of a jingle in radio commercials, thinking it’s a cutesy little advertising technique with no real purpose. Some think their use is ‘old fashioned’ or frivolous. Here’s why those people are wrong. Radio ads are fleeting, they’re ‘in the moment’. You hear the spot, and moments later, it’s gone from your memory...

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14 Oct See sure fire radio results now with RELEVANCY  

[embed][/embed] Is your radio advertising relevant to the listener? Your radio advertising is probably not relevant… at least not to everyone. Take a car dealership for example. According to Polk Research, only 6% of the general public will be buying a new car in the next 12 months. Yet car dealership spots are all over the airwaves. They’re actually one of the...

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20 Aug Using Only Radio to Build Your Brand

Great radio advertising is the most cost-effective way to get your message out to the masses. I often cite several examples of clients who initially built their brands using radio exclusively, with no other type of advertising. Brands like Pizza Pizza and Sleeman avoided print & TV, and just used radio to grow their brand and their market share. So I...

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How to Use Radio to Market to Millennials

30 Jul How to Make a Radio Commercial that Appeals to Millennials (Gen Y)

[embed][/embed]   So, who listens to more radio: Boomers, Gen X, or Gen Y, also known as millennials?   According to Nielsen’s “Audio Today Report” of March 2015, millennials hold the majority when it comes to the number of radio listeners by generation. Here are the recent stats: 91% of all millennials are reached weekly by radio they spend 11 hours 26 minutes each week with...

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04 Jun How to Make a Great Radio Commercial: 20 FAQs

  [embed][/embed] Here at MJM in the last 30 years or so, we’ve created a lot of radio commercials, for local businesses in Toronto and southern Ontario, and larger national companies. I like to think most of them were effective, and I know a few that weren’t. From all this experience in creating and producing radio ads, I’ve come up with a...

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29 Apr 16 Ways to Develop Long-Term Radio Clients

Sure, you’re constantly trying to find new radio advertisers. But you’re also aware that it’s often easier and much more profitable to go after more ‘recurring revenue’ from your existing clients. And that’s only possible if radio is doing a really great job for them. This new eBook will help you get more from your existing clients, because it’ll help them...

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30 Mar The TOP 10 Toronto Radio Jingles of All Time

Top 10 Toronto Radio Jingles of All Time! Let me redirect you to another blog, Toronto’s own…! My friend, Ed Conroy, just put together a fabulous collection of Toronto’s best jingles of the past. He’s got a great ear for the good stuff, and you’ll find his commentary quite interesting too. Of course, there are several MJM jingles in there,...

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05 Mar Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Based on the book “Influence: the Principles of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert Cialdini, we can learn the SIX universal principles and how to use them to increase our ability to influence. The principles are: 1. Reciprocity 2. Scarcity 3. Authority 4. Consistency 5. Liking 6. Consensus Watch this 11 minute video to see the scientific research that was done to come up with these principles. ...

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32 How to Determine your Brand Personality

12 Nov How To Determine Your Brand Personality According to Stanford psychology prof Jennifer Aaker, the idea of simplicity should be addressed when considering your brand personality. Brand personalities come in five different flavours; think of which best describes your company… Sincerity – your brand’s personality is domestic, honest, genuine, cheerful Excitement – meaning daring, spirited, imaginative, up-to-date Competence – reliable, responsible, dependable, efficient Sophistication – glamorous, charming, romantic, presentation Ruggedness – tough,...

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Marketing to Heart

29 Oct Why Marketing To The Heart Beats Marketing To The Brain   You know me by now. I’m always droning on about engaging people’s feelings, rather than making them think about logic. Dr. Eric Shoars sheds a different light on this concept in his blog “Marketing to the brain or to the heart?”. Let me paraphrase… You are a business owner or marketer: you want people to know what you do and that...

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New Rules of Sales_00000

14 Oct The New Rules Of Sales And Service

For several years now, I’ve been touting the fact that, when it comes to making buying decisions, ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’. And since the way folks make buying decisions has changed, so must the way we market to them change. Here’s a short SlideShare presentation by best-selling author, David Meerman Scott. He’s been talking about this revolution since before it...

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Measuring Radio Effectiveness

02 Oct How to measure the effectiveness of a radio campaign A radio sales rep asked me the other day to blog about measuring the effectiveness of radio advertising campaigns. Did I know of any great ways? Of course, there are a number of ways it can be done, some fairly involved. But here’s a simple one that works: tie your radio commercials to your website; then use GoogleMetrics to monitor your...

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Purchase Impact Final_00000

22 Sep How Radio Impacts Buying Decisions A recent study from the research company Ipsos shows radio commercials have a positive impact at all stages of the purchase funnel. The approach compared results from people who had listened to at least one of the stations included in the campaign with a control group of people in the same markets who had not listened to those stations. Several brand...

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27 How radio makes online marketing more effective

15 Sep How Radio Makes Online Marketing More Effective In this world of online decision-making, is there any traditional advertising medium that still delivers results? Radio. Lots of people spend time alone in their car for long periods, or alone at their desk at the office. And when they’re alone, most of those people listen to the radio, either while they’re driving, while they’re working, or both. They don’t read...

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26 Stop trying to find customers and get them to find you

03 Sep Stop Trying to Find Customers And Get Them To Find You Why You Should Stop Trying to Find Customers… (and focus on helping them find you). As defined by Brian Halligan himself of Hubspot: “Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers". In traditional marketing (outbound marketing), companies focus on finding customers. They use techniques that are poorly targeted and that interrupt people. They use cold-calling, print advertising, T.V. advertising, junk mail,...

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16 What Marketers dont get about online customer reviews harvard buisness review

06 Aug Inbound Marketing VS Traditional: Why would 3 of the world’s outbound champions switch? Why did THREE world-class marketers once known for traditional strategies jump ship to inbound marketing? As you know, of late I’ve been touting the benefits of inbound marketing over traditional, and that’s mainly because it’s sure been working for us here at MJM! So I can speak firsthand: these are exciting times, times of great opportunity for those who reframe the...

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24 Inbound Marketing VS Traditional What’s the difference

29 Jul Inbound Marketing VS Traditional: What’s the difference? Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: what’s the difference?   This is Part One of a trilogy of ideas surrounding inbound marketing. Let’s start with the basics. What’s the difference between new ‘inbound’ maketing and traditional ‘outbound’ marketing.   As Brian Halligan, founder of Hubspot, says:   “Search engines, blogging and other Internet trends have fundamentally transformed the way people and businesses purchase products. But most small businesses...

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22 How to Build Customer Loyalty

20 Jun How To Build Customer Loyalty Do you know why your customers are loyal? (Hint: it’s not price) For their book, The Challenger Sale, authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson carried out extensive research, interviewing thousands of company buyers to try and discover their process for choosing suppliers. Some of the results weren’t too surprising – company and brand impact as well as product and service delivery were...

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22 May Why Radio is the New TV According to statistics from Neilsen, “TV audience ratings have collapsed”. Business Insider says, “TV viewership has been in steady decline since September 2011.” Yet according to stats from the CRTC, radio listenership is holding its own: the average Canadian still spends 17.5 hours a week listening to radio. And most of that listening is in the car or while surfing...

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20 The Written Word 5 Things That Will Disappear in Our Lifetime

30 Apr The Written Word: 5 things that will disappear in our lifetime A few weeks back, I got an email with the subject line: “Ten Things that will Disappear in Our Lifetime”. I guess that’s a pretty vague statement, since my lifetime won’t be the same as yours. Small details aside, as I read down the list of those ten things, five had a common theme:  they all involve the disappearance of...

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04 Mar Three Fundamental Marketing Questions To Ask Of Your Company The Three Fundamental Marketing Questions to Ask of Your Company And let’s consider them in terms of our company and your company. 1. Is the company’s product searchable online? With our company, until last year we didn’t think people were searching for our kind of product – video productions. Surely when people went looking for a video company, they just asked their friends...

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27 Feb What Marketers Don’t Get About Online Customer Reviews: Harvard Business Review What You Need to Know About Online Reviews How do most people make buying decisions these days? It’s not the way you think, and you may need to adjust your marketing accordingly! Harvard Business Review’s leading article in the January 2014 issue, cites recent research on how shoppers make buying decisions. They found these decisions are typically influenced by a combination of...

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14 the top six car dealer marketing mistakes

20 Nov The Top Six Car Dealer Marketing Mistakes Please note: we did NOT produce this commercial! The Top Six Car Dealer Marketing Mistakes In our three decades of experience, MJM Media has worked with hundreds of car dealers, mostly helping them to maximize their radio and television advertising campaigns by producing their commercials and jingles. We make them memorable, engaging and effective. But we have continuously seen car dealers make the...

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25 Sep Einstein’s Right Brain Can Help Your Business

Albert Einstein. His was the brain that changed everything. One of the planet’s greatest scientists, most people think of him as a master of logic and a very rational thinker. But left-brain thinking wasn’t at all his greatest strength. A self-proclaimed right-brainer, Einstein himself said: “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”. Reading his biography, you’ll...

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9. Your Company’s Right Brain and Why It Should Rule Your Future

12 Sep Your Company’s Right Brain and Why It Should Rule Your Future Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking all spoke about the evolutionary importance of adapting to change. Now, you can put Daniel Pink in that same lofty crowd. If you’re in business today, you should read his book, “A Whole New Mind – Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future”. Like it or not, things have changed… again. There’s a global...

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04 Sep Tim Hortons’s “Coldstone Creamery”: creating the jingle and radio spots

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Especially when that ice cream brand is owned here by Tim Horton’s! So when Coldstone Creamery needed a jingle (and several radio commercials) to launch the brand in Canada, they called MJM Media. Or more specifically, they called their agency, As You Like It Marketing, who then called us! Of course,...

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7. Johnny Cash does “Money Machine” TV spots for Canada Trust

15 Aug Johnny Cash does “Money Machine” TV spots for Canada Trust

The Making of a Legendary TV Commercial I’ve been lucky enough to meet some legends in my day, and one of the greatest was Johnny Cash. We were producing a TV commercial for Canada Trust back in 1983, and Johnny was hired as the spokesperson. Although it seemed a bit odd to have such an American icon speaking for Canada Trust,...

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6. When cutting price is the worst thing you can do copy

19 Jul When Cutting Price is the Worst Thing You Could Do When Cutting Price is the Worst Thing You Could Do Extensive research into consumer behavior has revealed that there is a huge, relatively untapped consumer group that price-cutting will never reach. Chris Norton and Ross Honeywill carried out research on 800,000 people in 3 countries over 10 years to discover what they bought, why, and how that changed over time. And they...

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3. Using Phone Numbers in Radio Spots- why you should NOT!

07 May Using Phone Numbers In Radio Spots: why you should NOT! Why You Should Never Use Phone Numbers In Radio Commercials Saying your phone number in radio commercials is a bad idea on several levels. First, it won’t be remembered by anyone. Second, it confuses the real call-to-action, which should be to your website. Third, it wastes about 15% of your broadcast budget. Your website is your new store, so attract people...

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1. Change or die

19 Mar Change or Die: adapt your marketing to the new rules of sales

Darwin said:"Change or Die". Marketing survival these days is knowing how to adapt to the new way people make buying decisions. Is your company changing to accommodate this whole new process of how we buy? Vlog 1: Change or Die: Adapting to the Way the Internet Has Changed the Way People Make Buying Decisions Marketing survival these days is knowing how to...

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