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Want to see way better results from your radio advertising?
Hire an amazing creative team.

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Why Your Company Needs a Different Radio Campaign.

Create killer spots and you’ll bring in new customers.

We’ll teach you how to use powerful radio creative and unique production to differentiate your brand…

  • on an emotional level

  • for the long-term

  • with measurable results in revenue

Old-school radio campaigns just don’t work anymore.


Today, your radio advertising needs to work harder. We’ll show you specific audio tools and memory tricks, like jingles, sound design, repetition and humour, to motivate your audience to buy. And we’ll happily share our radio marketing insights with you in our blogs, e-books, and videos. These concepts are proven to drive more listeners to your site and predispose them to converting from prospects into customers.


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Why choose MJM over other radio production companies?

• our marketing insights: we know what works on radio based on big data

• our audio design: 35 years of producing great sound for radio, TV and film 

• our track record: building brands like Pizza Pizza & Sleeman exclusively with radio advertising

• we’re in the Toronto and Hamilton area, but happy to drive anywhere to help radio advertisers in need


No matter what you’re selling, you need an audience that believes. So you need radio commercials that turn listeners into believersThat’s where we come in. 

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