How to market to a million teens

10 Jul How to market to a million teens

How to market to over a million teens

MJM Media started working with MADD Canada over 15 years ago, and we’ve produced many videos and PSAs to help them get their message out. Currently, we’re finalizing production on MADD Canada’s 2013 National School Assembly Program, which will be screened at hundreds of schools across Canada.

Each year over a million students see the School Program and each year our challenge is a huge one; how do you engage teens? How do you create something that will make them sit up and take notice?

And how do you communicate the message about the dangers of impaired driving to a target audience that considers itself invincible?

The MJM solution is two-fold; we create a short, dramatic feature film showing how an evening of fun can quickly turn into a tragic nightmare when alcohol, drugs and driving are mixed. We illustrate how a situation can all too easily spin out of control and become a tragic event, using powerful and emotionally engaging audio production.

The short drama is followed by emotive, true life stories told by actual victims of impaired driving, who speak about the awful impact these crashes have not only on their lives, but on the lives of their families, friends and entire communities.

The MADD Canada School Assembly Program is often hard to watch; the tragic events that unfold in the dramatic film are bloody and ugly. The interviews are heart-wrenching and deeply upsetting.

But the Assembly Program works; when the film is shown in schools across the country, the students file into their assembly hall in a typically boisterous mood; during the film you can hear a pin drop.

MADD Canada carries out regular surveys to measure the impact of the Program on students; immediately after viewing the film, students feel better placed to make smart decisions. The survey is repeated several months later and the students all manage to maintain that smart behaviour.

MJM Media has now produced nine films for MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program. This year’s film, entitled “Smashed” (the French version is “Impact”) recently had its premiere screening in the GTA and will start touring schools across Canada in the fall.

But don’t take our word for it: you can hear MADD CEO Andrew Murie talk about the effectiveness of this video production simply by going to our ‘Testimonials’ page. You can see the trailer for the film above and find out more about MADD Canada at




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