How to Target the Right People At The Right Time

27 Jan How to Target the Right People At The Right Time

Do you feel like 90% of your marketing budget is being spent reaching the wrong audience? If you’re using ‘traditional’ media, it probably is!

In most situations, mass marketing is only ‘relevant’ to a very small percentage of the mass audience. For instance, according to Polk Research, only about 6% of the Canadian public will be buying a new car in the next 12 months. That means car ads on the radio, TV, in print and outdoor (mass media) are speaking mostly to an uninterested audience… even though they’re aware of your ad, they have no need for your product or service at that moment.

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With traditional media, you crossed your fingers and hoped for the best. Well, two things have changed for the better. With digital advertising, you can target your perfect prospect, and you can track the results very clearly.

Let’s talk targeting: with all of the data that is now available, we can target your exact audience. In the early days of digital targeting, you would advertise to a media company’s audience; for example, you’d advertise on a newspaper’s website to target it’s audience. Sure, some of those people (5% – 10%) would be interested in your product or service, but the majority of viewers were simply not interested at that time… the ad was focused on the wrong eyeballs.

Well, digital targeting has evolved in the last few years. We can now go after the exact audience you want through solutions such as display, programmatic, video and social ads. Data companies are constantly collecting our demographics, behaviours, interests, search habits and more, making it easy for advertisers to talk to their exact target market at their precise ‘moment of need’.

Have you ever searched for a vacation online, then noticed vacation ads are following you all over the internet, regardless of what sites you’re visiting? That’s no coincidence, that’s focused targeting.

The other major bonus is tracking! Once you’ve determined your target audience, you can track what’s happening with your ads: how many times your ad has been delivered; how many clicks went to your website, how many people came through to your website indirectly, and how long they stayed on which pages. Then you can optimize your campaigns based on the results. You can also do A/B testing to see if one piece of creative is more effective than another; the possibilities are endless.

Increase your digital targeting and tracking, and you’ll increase your brand’s revenue at the end of the day. If you need help with it, we’re there for you.

Mike McCurlie
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