How to launch a new business (and get 100 new customer leads every week)

27 Feb How to launch a new business (and get 100 new customer leads every week)

How to launch a new business (and get 100 new customer leads every week)

Peter Mancini, owner of The Institute for Injured Workers and, a legal firm that represents disabled Canadians, has been an MJM client for some years. Peter came to us when he was looking to launch a new business.

MJM has produced many hard-hitting radio commercials for Peter, advertising his company that helps injured workers receive the benefits they are entitled to.

This year, Peter was looking to launch a brand new service, helping all Canadians with disabilities to receive the Disability Tax Credit.

Peter’s main challenge was to educate the public about a tax credit that many don’t even know exists. He also needed to convey a feeling of trust in his company’s ability to help people successfully claim the credit.

MJM has known for some time that people don’t tend to trust spokespeople or a company owner (according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, at most only 47% do trust them, regardless of advertising media ) and that video testimonials, like word of mouth, make for powerful advertising.

With that in mind, MJM produced web videos for Peter that would sit on his new website and include his customers talking about his company. And, to get the word out, we produced a 30-second TV commercial that featured four of My Tax Rebate’s clients, praising his company and explaining how easy Peter made the whole process for them (you can watch the TV commercial above).

The plan was to broadcast the service to the general public, have them visit the website, watch the videos to find out more and then call Peter’s team to arrange an interview to find out if they qualified. It allowed for a clear connection between Peter’s advertising and his website – something that surprisingly few companies do.

The results were phenomenal: Peter has been receiving over 400 new customer calls every month.

“This strategy has been working well for us,” Peter told us. “We have been receiving so many phone calls and emails that we have had to reduce our advertising; we can only currently cope with so many enquiries.

“MJM’s marketing strategy of combining the website videos and the TV commercial, all featuring our clients, has had a powerful impact on our business growth. When we started out, we didn’t know if we were going to receive two calls or 200. However, MJM came up with a winning formula that actually resulted in more of a response than we expected. We have now expanded and opened offices in other cities.”

Mike McCurlie
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