How to Improve Your Videos with Amazing Audio

16 Jan How to Improve Your Videos with Amazing Audio

In your company videos, you need to feature customer stories that prove you’re good at what you do. You need to engage the viewer’s emotions. Text can’t engage emotions nearly as well as video’. And it’s the audio in the video that does the engaging. So you need pristine audio.


Never use the built-in camera mic. Always use a lavalier clipped to the shirt of your subject. It can be wired or wireless, like the one I’m using here. Available online for around $100, like this one:


Here’s what the camera mic sounds like (switch to cam mic)… all distant, amateurish, and noisy. Compare that with the warm, intimate sound of my voice through the lav mic… (switch back) and the audio is far more personal and engaging.


One more thing: make sure you monitor the audio going into the camera through earbuds or a headset, (shot of Terry monitoring with thumbs up)… and be sure to test it by recording and playing it back, before you start your interview!


Remember, all good videos start with great audio.

Mike McCurlie
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