How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand Part 2

12 Feb How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand Part 2

In the last blog about getting Gen Y to like your brand, we discussed 6 key elements:

1. Let’s be friends
2. Don’t sell me, romance me
3. Don’t give me info I can easily search online
4. Be socially conscious
5. Show great design
6. Post shareable content

Let’s continue…

7. Relevant content only please: no need to talk about retirement or long-term life goals… With Millennials, it’s all about the day-to-day, and helping them solve problems with their finances, families, careers, and so on.

8. Credibility is key: Is your company really good at what you do, or are you just saying that? Millennials want social proof… testimonials or comments from their peers support the idea that you’re a great company to deal with. At best, 1 of 3 will believe you; but 4 out of 5 believe your customers!

9. Let’s interact: any way you can have Gen Y interact with your company is good. Social media, promos, remotes, whatever two-way connections you can make are good.

10. Don’t make them wait: when interacting, don’t make them wait more than 5 or 10 minutes. This generation grew up with YouTube and Google. They want answers and they want them now! Make sure this carries over to your reaction time with online leads, comments and questions.

11. Don’t make them think: your content and design should be simple and easy to follow. As with all advertising, but especially with Millennials, less is more.

12. They’re empowered: Millennials have the ability to help or hinder the success of your brand, and they know it. That’s why authenticity and transparency are critical. If you mislead them, they’ll let you know, then they’ll let the world know!

13. We’re smarter than you: again, thanks to Google, they do have the answer to just about anything within seconds. When Boomers were 30something, they only knew what they knew at the time. These days, millennials know what they know, and what they don’t know, they will know in a matter of seconds. Always assume they know more than you do.

14. Give them information the way they want it: personalized, customized, and relevant information and feelings are what they want. Make sure that’s what you’re putting out there!

A few great examples of brands that market well to Millennials are:
– Apple
– Starbucks
– Red Bull

For a deeper dive, check out the links in the copy below the video window.

Well, that’s it for now… and remember: YOLO!

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