How To Choose the Right Music for Your Video Production

17 Jun How To Choose the Right Music for Your Video Production

Before choosing the right music for your video, you need to determine what emotion you want your audience to feel. If you’re creating a web video to persuade viewers to consider your product or service, chances are you need to create a sense of trust and comfort. Or you may want to convey to the audience that you’re using the latest technology, that you’re “hip and happening”. Or your video may simply be all about fun. Whatever emotion you’re trying to get your audience to feel, music plays the most important role in creating or enhancing that emotion.

If you’re wondering how to create a great video for your company, take a tip from the world’s best movie makers. For over a century now, they’ve been using music to create and enhance a particular emotion they want the audience to feel.

In “Love Story”, when the couple is breaking up, the violins are brought in and the tears start to flow. In an adventure movie like “Star Wars”, we feel a sense of pride and victory when the French horns enter the score. In “Jaws”, when the shark is coming in for the girl’s legs dangling in the water, the anticipatory, steady beat of the low horn enhances our feelings of fear and suspense of what’s about to happen. And let’s not forget the racing, upbeat music under just about any car chase scene.

Although the visuals may show what we’re supposed to be feeling, the music actually makes us feel it. The left brain logically processes the visuals, but the right brain emotionally processes the audio. Simply put, visuals make us ‘think’ about the movie; audio makes us ‘feel’ the movie. And research says the right brain always wins over the left brain. You can learn more about brand personality in this blog.

So here’s a great example of how music can change our emotional state as we watch a particular scene. This scene is from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and we’ll see the same scene underscored with four different styles of music. As you watch, note what you’re feeling. Is it victory? Fear? Comedy? Sadness? Watch this same scene underscored with different music to support those four emotions. After it’s over, I’d love to hear your comments on how music affects you when watching a video.




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