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27 Apr Truth in Advertising: Does It Really Matter?

[embed][/embed] I’ve blogged several times about the importance of authenticity in marketing your brand. Of course, not all brands need to be authentic and trustworthy. Less expensive retail items like jeans or pop don’t require a big story. Typically, bigger ticket items do. For instance, when you need a lawyer, you want someone you can count on. When you buy a...

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12 Feb How To Get Millennials to Like Your Brand Part 2 In the last blog about getting Gen Y to like your brand, we discussed 6 key elements: 1. Let’s be friends 2. Don’t sell me, romance me 3. Don’t give me info I can easily search online 4. Be socially conscious 5. Show great design 6. Post shareable content Let’s continue… 7. Relevant content only please: no need to talk about retirement or long-term life goals… With Millennials,...

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27 Oct How to Improve Your Online Marketing with Video

[embed][/embed] How does video improve online marketing? According to the latest stats from research companies like comScore and Demand Metric, video is exactly what your web visitors want to see on your site. Video is preferred over case studies, white papers, demos, webinars and e-books (note that’s all things TEXT). 70% of marketers claim video converts better than other content types (Demand Metric) When...

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17 Jun How To Choose the Right Music for Your Video Production

[embed][/embed] Before choosing the right music for your video, you need to determine what emotion you want your audience to feel. If you’re creating a web video to persuade viewers to consider your product or service, chances are you need to create a sense of trust and comfort. Or you may want to convey to the audience that you’re using the...

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35 Video testimonial campaign to garner trust dp they work

15 Apr Video Testimonial Campaigns to Garner Trust… Do They Work?

[embed][/embed] Last blog, we looked at the video testimonial campaign MJM produced for Eccles Auto Service, a small garage in Dundas. Three videos and a couple of TV commercials were created around how much customers trust this auto shop. Is the campaign actually working? Let’s hear what the owner, Bruce Eccles, has to say about how this campaign affected his bottom line....

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34 Car dealers and mechanics who can you trust

10 Mar Car dealers and mechanics: who can you trust?

[embed][/embed] Do you trust your car dealership and mechanic? Face it, they’re at the bottom of the ‘trustability’ list, just above lawyers. We all wish we had a repair shop we could trust. Well, relax… there is one out there: they’re called Eccles Auto Service. That’s who I trust, since I’ve known Bruce Eccles most of my life. But here’s why everyone...

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04 Feb How To Make Your Video Go Viral

[embed][/embed] According to Forbes, there are 6 elements needed to help your video go viral: - be short and sweet – make your point in the first :60 seconds - be upbeat – evoke strong positive emotions - be timely – tap into current events or common themes - be involved – answer viewer questions and tie in related videos - be informative – surprise the...

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20 Dec How Much Should a Video Cost?

[embed][/embed] I was presenting our company to a law firm last week. They were quite interested in moving forward with a video production for their firm, and wanted to know how much it would cost. I do like to discuss at least a price range, but certainly not right out-of-the-gate, before finding out what their needs are. So to help them...

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11 Jul Story-selling: can it grow your bottom line? In the modern world of sophisticated consumers who know how to find what they want and how to research the companies that can supply it, it’s now more important than ever to convince them that you are the company they should be calling. To stand out from the crowd, you need to tell people why your company is better than the...

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27 Feb YouTube is the NewTube YouTube compared to TV is WAY more targeted, WAY more effective, and for WAY less cost. Here’s a quick look at YouTube by the numbers: - founded by 3 guys in 2005 - bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion - 2011 1 Trillion views - 2013 2 Trillion views It seems nowadays we’re all watching a lot of online video. Advertising starts the conversation between...

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