January 2017

27 Jan How to Target the Right People At The Right Time

https://youtu.be/JSS3BO0CnYA Do you feel like 90% of your marketing budget is being spent reaching the wrong audience? If you’re using ‘traditional’ media, it probably is! In most situations, mass marketing is only ‘relevant’ to a very small percentage of the mass audience. For instance, according to Polk Research, only about 6% of the Canadian public will be buying a new car in...

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16 Jan How to Improve Your Videos with Amazing Audio

[embed]https://youtu.be/NANWeEgaYUc[/embed] In your company videos, you need to feature customer stories that prove you’re good at what you do. You need to engage the viewer’s emotions. Text can’t engage emotions nearly as well as video’. And it’s the audio in the video that does the engaging. So you need pristine audio.   Never use the built-in camera mic. Always use a lavalier clipped...

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