October 2014

29 Oct Why Marketing To The Heart Beats Marketing To The Brain

https://vimeo.com/110363657 You know me by now. I’m always droning on about engaging people’s feelings, rather than making them think about logic. Dr. Eric Shoars sheds a different light on this concept in his blog “Marketing to the brain or to the heart?”. Let me paraphrase… You are a business owner or marketer: you want people to know what you do and that...

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14 Oct The New Rules Of Sales And Service

  For several years now, I’ve been touting the fact that, when it comes to making buying decisions, ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’. And since the way folks make buying decisions has changed, so must the way we market to them change. Here’s a short SlideShare presentation by best-selling author, David Meerman Scott. He’s been talking about this revolution since before it...

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