February 2014

27 Feb YouTube is the NewTube

https://vimeo.com/85452135 YouTube compared to TV is WAY more targeted, WAY more effective, and for WAY less cost. Here’s a quick look at YouTube by the numbers: - founded by 3 guys in 2005 - bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 Billion - 2011 1 Trillion views - 2013 2 Trillion views It seems nowadays we’re all watching a lot of online video. Advertising starts the conversation between...

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27 Feb What Marketers Don’t Get About Online Customer Reviews: Harvard Business Review

https://vimeo.com/84406608 What You Need to Know About Online Reviews How do most people make buying decisions these days? It’s not the way you think, and you may need to adjust your marketing accordingly! Harvard Business Review’s leading article in the January 2014 issue, cites recent research on how shoppers make buying decisions. They found these decisions are typically influenced by a combination of...

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27 Feb How to launch a new business (and get 100 new customer leads every week)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjUAyeXejpc How to launch a new business (and get 100 new customer leads every week) Peter Mancini, owner of The Institute for Injured Workers and MyTaxRebate.ca, a legal firm that represents disabled Canadians, has been an MJM client for some years. Peter came to us when he was looking to launch a new business. MJM has produced many hard-hitting radio commercials for Peter,...

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