October 2013

22 Oct The Long Term Impact Of Video

https://vimeo.com/77525482 Lately, there’s been a lot of research proving the effectiveness of video in changing behaviour long-term. We just experienced it first hand. Every year, we produce a video for MADD Canada’s “High School Assembly Program”. It plays in everyhigh school across the country; all Canadian teens watch it. This past year, the show was called “Long Weekend”. The first half is a...

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09 Oct Why Retirement Homes Need to Market TRUST

Which retirement home will you choose for your parents? Maybe not the cheapest one, maybe not the prettiest one; if you’re like me, it will be the one you trust the most! Having worked with several companies in this ‘trust industry’, we’ve found three key issues regarding retirement homes: - they’re facing stiff competition from cheaper providers and in-home caregivers - they struggle...

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