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Thanks for checking out MJM Media.

This is where we create great video productions, as well as TV spots and radio commercials. We help companies like yours solve your marketing and communications challenges. We work with small to medium businesses, as well as large companies and not-for-profits/charities across Ontario and beyond.

But why choose MJM over other video production companies?

Three reasons:

1. Our marketing insights

2. Our attention to great audio

3. Our clients’ testimonials


Other video companies shoot and edit. We approach your video project from a marketing perspective. We call it “story selling”. Whether you’re selling a brand, product, service, even training, they all need an audience that believes…  so you need a video that engages the emotions. Because they won’t buy your company ‘story’ until they believe in it.


MJM Media has a game-changing insight you need to understand. We’ll show you it’s potential impact on your company and why our unique strengths will bring you success.


The second reason MJM videos work better is our audio. Other video companies just don’t get why great audio (the script, voice and music score) is so critical. Our capabilities as audio producers means our videos engage the viewer’s emotions much more effectively than regular video productions.


Oh, and our clients include swanky names like Air Canada Vacations, La-Z-Boy, Arby’s, Purolator and MADD Canada. But since you can’t believe everything you read, just go to our ‘testimonials’ page and watch videos of our clients talking about how we grew their companies.


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