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Hi and welcome to MJM Media.

This is where we create great radio commercials, TV commercials and web video productions. We help companies like yours solve your marketing and communications challenges. From Toronto to Sudbury, London to Ottawa, we help small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large companies and not-for-profits/charities all across Ontario and beyond.

Find out what we can do for you. Just click Why MJM? and thanks for stopping by.

Why MJM?

MJM Media is a boutique audio and video powerhouse, producing radio commercials, radio jingles, television commercials and web videos.

We write, we edit, we shoot, we score.

We’ve developed a unique way of doing business that makes real collaboration with you, easy – from start to finish. We’re all about getting results for you.

Some of the customers we have worked with include Abell Pest Control, Arby’s, MADD Canada, GE, Crest/Proctor and Gamble. Over the last 31 years we have produced thousands of radio commercials, radio jingles, TV commercials and web videos for a wide range of industries including restaurants, franchises, clothing retailers, manufacturers, charities, breweries, furniture retailers, lawyers, car manufacturers and hotel chains, to name but a few.

“They’re never really talking in the abstract, they’re talking about real things that are going to drive real results and they’ve got thirty, forty years of history that proves they can get those kind of results.” – John Verdon, Director of Marketing, Eastside Mario’s.

“Working with MJM, we are able to get full service capabilities of writing, creative, production and on-air. MJM did a great job in providing us with creative that really worked.” – Rob Hindley, President, The Marketing Channel

“We’ve had good productions from other agencies but you don’t get that personal touch you get from MJM.” – Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer, MADD Canada

Our process simplifies the way we work with you, to dig deep for your key messages and in the end, deliver an amazing ROI (return on investment).

Web video’s time has come, technology has removed the barriers and now this powerful marketing tool is affordable for virtually all companies.

Our clients come back to us again and again, because they love what we do, they love the quality of our productions.

I really love to collaborate with them, I love their creativity, I love their imagination.” – John Verdon, Director of Marketing, Eastside Mario’s.

“They’re very efficient, very effective.” – Rob Hindley, President, The Marketing Channel

“It’s probably the best relationship we have with any of our sponsors or vendors.” – Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer, MADD Canada



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