Here at MJM, we’re marketers who know how to produce videos that connect your company with your audience through engaging and relevant storytelling.

We’re trusted by some of Canada’s biggest (and smallest) companies to tell their stories and build their brands using creative and engaging video productions.

Compelling video by MJM will help your company:

  • maximize market share
  • grow new customers immediately
  • retain customers long-term
  • improve profit margin

We’ve helped companies double their online conversion rates. Some have seen an increase their annual sales between 9% and 85% with our videos. One company this year landed a $300,000 deal based on our video production for them.

Here are some videos we make:

  • product videos
  • training video
  • instructional video
  • online web video
  • YouTube video
  • in-stream (pre-roll) video
  • corporate video
  • video and TV commercials for:
    • law firms
    • investment firms
    • credit unions
    • restaurants
    • real estate
    • manufacturing
    • industrial
    • technology
    • car dealerships
    • non-profit organizations
    • hospitals
    • universities and colleges
  • company stories
  • how-to video
  • testimonial video
  • informercials
  • TV commercials
  • direct response TV
  • TV programming
  • recruiting and enrolment video
  • explainer video
  • mechanism-of-action videos
  • whiteboard animations


Since our beginnings in 1980, we’ve been producing great radio campaigns. Combining that old-school experience with the paradigm shift in marketing in the last few years, we know how to make radio commercials that are effective… that actually get you new customers. We create radio spots that people remember, talk about, and can’t get out of their heads. We use the six tools of persuasion to get listeners to take action.

For 35 years, we’ve been trusted by some of Canada’s best companies to tell their stories and build their brands with creative and compelling radio ads.

MJM radio campaigns will help grow your company by:

  • converting listeners into customers
  • increasing your market share
  • building customer loyalty and retention long-term
  • improving your profit margin

We’ve helped companies increase their annual sales between 9% and 85% with our radio commercials. One of our clients had to actually pull their radio advertising temporarily in order to keep up with demand.

Some of the radio production we create includes:

  • jingles
  • radio commercials
  • radio scripts
  • radio creative concepts
  • radio promotions
  • sound design
  • ear worms
  • music scores
  • songs
  • radio production for:
    • car dealerships
    • lawyers and law firms
    • investment companies
    • credit unions
    • restaurants: fast casual, QSR, fine dining
    • home furnishings and décor
    • spas and plastic surgery clinics
    • micro breweries and wine makers